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Conversation Test Advice for The English Gym


Two students will have a conversation in English. Partners will be chosen at RANDOM.

Time Limit

There will be a limit limit. Ask your teacher. Don't stop talking until the time is up!


Topics from your textbook will be chosen at RANDOM.


Try not to speak with KATAKANA-style English. People cannot understand you. Try to speak with GOOD pronunciation. Practice by listening to the audio tracks. Try to talk like the voice actors. 


Ask questions, give long answers, have reactions and comments, ask follow-up questions. Don't forget good eye contact and body language. 


Try to use your best vocabulary. Prepare some good phrases. Look at your textbook and try to pick up some high-level words and use them! 


Use your best grammar. Look at your textbook for good examples. Try to use a high-level of grammar.


Try to talk a lot. Say something intelligent, interesting or funny. Try to have a good, meaningful conversation in English. You can do it!

Prepare + Practice = Success

Conversation Test Preparation Sheet

Conversation Test Marking Sheets

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