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Online Tests & Quizzes Overview

Online Tests for Mid-Term and Final Exams

Each test covers five units. There are 50 questions per test.

Students can take tests using their phones, tablets or computers.

Teachers can edit in Testmoz if needed.

Teachers should contact Jon Charles to get a unique testing page in order to administer your own tests. Below are EXAMPLE tests for you to check out if you like.

Paper versions of the tests can be found here.

Example Term Tests

Teachers can check out

the example test below.  

Conversation Writing Test Section

Some teachers may want to include a writing section in their tests, based on the conversations practiced in class.

Below are templates which may be printed and used for that purpose.

Online Quizzes for Units 1 to 20

Each quiz consists of ten questions based on the contents of the unit.

I would also recommend students to review vocabulary on the

Quizlet: Study Vocabulary page.

Students can take quizzes using their phones, tablets or computers.

Teachers can edit the quizzes in Testmoz if needed.

Teachers should contact Jon Charles to get a unique testing page in order to administer your own quizzes. Below is an EXAMPLE quizz for you to check out if you like. There are no passcodes to take the EXAMPLE Tests & Quizzes.

Please read the Guide for Using Testmoz Online Tests & Quizzes below for more info.

Guide for Using Testmoz Online Tests & Quizzes
1. Please read the entire guide.
2. Contact Jon Charles through the links above to get your unique testing page.
3. Students and teachers should click on the Online Tests & Quizzes button found on the Students Page, then click on the appropriate teacher's name button.
There will be a password prompt.
Enter the teacher's initials for the password (ex. for Jon Charles = JC) to enter the specific teacher's testing page.
4. After the students get to the correct test/quiz web page, have them click on the appropriate test or quiz.
5. Students should enter their names. I'd suggest having the students enter their student numbers, given name, family name.
Ex: 1234567890 Taro TANAKA
6. After all student names have been entered, tell the students the passcode for the test/quiz. Passcodes are based on the NATO phonetic alphabet.
Default passcodes for quizzes are as follows:
Quiz Unit 1, passcode = alfa
Quiz Unit 2, passcode = bravo
Quiz Unit 3, passcode = charlie
Quiz Unit 4, passcode = delta
Quiz Unit 5, passcode = echo
Quiz Unit 6, passcode = foxtrot
Quiz Unit 7, passcode = golf
Quiz Unit 8, passcode = hotel
Quiz Unit 9, passcode = india
Quiz Unit 10, passcode = juliett
Quiz Unit 11, passcode = kilo
Quiz Unit 12, passcode = lima
Quiz Unit 13, passcode = mike
Quiz Unit 14, passcode = november
Quiz Unit 15, passcode = oscar
Quiz Unit 16, passcode = papa
Quiz Unit 17, passcode = quebec
Quiz Unit 18, passcode = romeo
Quiz Unit 19, passcode = sierra
Quiz Unit 20, passcode = tango
Default passcodes for tests are as follows:
Test Units 1 to 5, passcode = uniform
Test Units 6 to 10, passcode = victor
Test Units 11 to 15, passcode = whiskey
Test Units 16 to 20, passcode = x-ray
If you would like, you can view and/or change passcodes by logging in as ADMINISTRATOR. The default ADMIN password is: arnold
(NEVER change the Administrator password! Thank you.)
(Of course, never tell the students the administrator password!)
Click on SETTINGS, then scroll down to view the PASSCODE. (If you want to change the passcode, enter in the new code, then SAVE.
7. Students take the test/quiz.
8. After the students have finished the test/quiz, they should click on the SUBMIT button. Their score should show up on their screen immediately. You may want to have students show you their score, just to be sure. Students should logout, as well.
9. Teachers can verify that the score has been recorded in the database by logging in as ADMINISTRATOR and refreshing your page as needed. 
10. Scores for the test/quiz can be found under the REPORTS tab. You'll find the scores of the test/quiz as well as some other valuable data. The reports can be sorted by student names and also exported as a CSV (excel) file.
11. Teachers can delete individual scores from the Reports tab or can delete the scores from the entire test/quiz from the Home tab and click Clear Report Data. The free version of Testmoz only allows for 100 scores to be recorded. 
Important Advice from JC!
It is probably best to record the results right after the class has finished the tests or quiz. Data can be saved in an excel file if you like. Then you should clear the data report so that only the data from the next class will be shown.
Since Testmoz is a free service, if no-one takes a particular test or quiz within 2 years, the URL will be deleted. So, if you skip any test or quiz, please take it yourself within 2 years, or let me know.
If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message and we can figure it out together.
Happy teaching!
Final Note about Online Tests & Quizzes
Though online testing is a great time saver and a great way to collect data and understand what your students are struggling with, it isn't perfect. Murphy's Law still applies. Students may forget to bring their phone, their battery may be out of juice or their wifi isn't connecting to the internet. Though you may allow a student to use your phone, or use an extra computer or tablet, it's always a good idea to have a paper copy of the test/quiz on hand.
Good luck with your exams! I hope your students do well!
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