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Quizlet: Study Vocabulary Page

This is a vocabulary study page for The English Gym. The study page uses Quizlet, a very useful study site. Please join The English Gym on Quizlet. It's very fun and it's free. 

Many Ways

to Study

Try practicing with the FLASHCARDS!

If your teacher does an in-class Quizlet Live game, just click on the pink button below to join or go to, then enter the join code.

(Please note that is for the in-class team game and and the Quizlet App are for studying and practice.) 


  • The teams will be random, so you should be ready to change your seats.

  • Each member of the team will have the SAME question, but all members will have DIFFERENT answer choices.

  • Only ONE ANSWER will be the right answer, so you need to communicate with the other members of your team.

  • The first team to get all 12 correct answers wins!

  • Be careful! If you get a wrong answer, your score will get reset to ZERO!

  • Good luck and have fun! 

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