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The English Gym I with Digital Workbook


This is the site for The English Gym I with Digital Workbook.

New edition textbook for academic year 2024.

ISBN 978-4-9909741-5-2 

Retail price: 3,180 yen + tax (3,498 yen)

CEFR-J: A2.1-B1.1

Teachers can preview the following by viewing or downloading the PDFs below.

Unit 1 Getting to Know You

Unit 2 Food & Drink

Unit 3 Your Neighborhood

Unit 11 Summer Vacation

Teachers are free to make copies and try the units in their current classes. 

Please make a note of the new ISBN when ordering from the university bookstore.

Also notice a roman numeral "one" has been added to the new title!

Digital copies of the textbook will be available from January 2024.

Physical copies of the textbook will be available from February/March 2024.

If teachers would like to preview any of the other units or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

For intermediate level students:

The English Gym II with Digital Workbook

Dramatic Conversations from The English Gym II available on Xreading

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TEG1wDW DW set.png

Audio Files​​

Unit Topics​​

  1. Getting to Know You

  2. Food & Drink

  3. Your Neighborhood

  4. Daily Routines

  5. Entertainment

  6. Friends & Dating

  7. Fashion & Style

  8. University Life

  9. Sports & Fitness

  10. Travel

  11. Summer Vacation

  12. Childhood Memories

  13. English Study Skills

  14. Work

  15. Your Personality

  16. People

  17. Tourism in Japan

  18. Culture

  19. Holidays & Special Days

  20. Future Plans

Free Unit Downloads
TEG 1 Unit 1 Cover Image.jpg


Getting to Know You

TEG 1 Unit 2 Cover Image.jpg


Food & Drink

TEG 1 Unit 3 Cover Image.jpg


Your Neighborhood

TEG 1 Unit 11 Cover Image.jpg


Summer Vacation

Unit Overview


Page 1

Word List / Discussion Questions

Students fill in the blanks from the word list, then listen to the online audio and write the answers they hear.

The audio tracks feature Japanese speakers of English as well as North American speakers. It is hoped that the Japanese speakers of English will provide good role models for the students.

Japanese translations of the Discussion Question can be found in the back of the book. Students can practice checking comprehension with each other.

1. Where do you live? どこに住んでいますか?

TEG 1 Unit 1 Cover Image.jpg

Page 2

Vocabulary List

Each unit contains 30 vocabulary terms. Teachers can go over each term, pointing out important details.

Students can then practice checking comprehension with each other.

Discussion Question Responses

Students work together to fill in appropriate responses to the Discussion Questions. After checking answers as a class, students can do a pair reading using the Discussion Questions and Responses.

TEG 1 Unit 1 Cover Image page 2.jpg

Page 3


This is the tapescript from the audio file found on the first page of the unit. Students read in pairs. This is a long reading practice which contains phrases and interactions that will help develop student's fluency.

TEG 1 Unit 1 Cover Image page 3.jpg

Page 4

What's Wrong?

This section highlights common errors made by Japanese learners of English. Students work together to correct the mistakes.


This is the main language output section of the unit. Students talk with their partners using the Discussion Questions as conversation starters. This activity should generate ten or more minutes of conversation.

Game / Activity

Each unit has a game-like activity based on the topic of the unit. 

TEG 1 Unit 1 Cover Image page 4.jpg

More Content ... coming soon!

Communication Crossword Puzzles

Each unit has corresponding Communication Crossword Puzzles. Students complete the puzzles by giving each other hints in English and using body language to communicate.


Each unit has a Quizlet study set. The definitions are English / English. Students can use this as a study aid. Teachers can use the Quizlet Live option for review games in class.


Each unit has a pre-made Kahoot! game. Teachers can use this resource as an in class activity or as homework.

Digital Workbook

Each unit has five automatically scored online homework assignments, including vocabulary review, speaking, and quiz. The digital workbook is powered by ZenGengo. Teachers are free to customize the assignments.



The website pages for The English Gym I are currently under construction.

The full website will be completed in February 2024. 

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